We curate unique designs for private clients, stylists, brands, hotels, bars, restaurants and trade buyers. Contact us for custom collections and bulk orders.


Do not compare us with the high street as our prices reflect the hard work of small realities, we are like an old fashioned boutique and will always aim at keeping this identity. Our followers love and cherish new ideas and are in the search for art, craft, passion and more than anything... diversity. Ou audience wants to be unique, they are after custom pieces that are crafted just for them.

  1. WE SCOUT NEW TRENDS, with global talents, thus bringing to you unique pieces that add creativity to your celebration, the hospitality or client gifting.  
  1. WE OFFER STYLING ADVISE when you purchase our products, to ensure you mix and match them to create jaw-dropping set ups and gift packs.
  1. WE CREATE CUSTOMISED ACCESSORIES to tell your own story, with the aim of evoking a memorable experience for your guests/clients or to enhance the individuality of your property/your event/your brand.
  1. WE SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES, spotting artisans that create beautiful high quality pieces around the world and thus encouraging diversity and individuality, nourishing a micro economy that would otherwise get lost. 
  1. WE BELIEVE IN SLOW SHOPPING, therefore we don't stock to avoid waste. We instead commission a piece when we know that someone has already chosen it and that the work behind it has a purpose. This means that we limit unnecessary production, energy consumption and accumulation of products that might end up in the bin. 

We also do our best to choose conscious packaging as at home we are all fervid recycling maniacs.