We curate unique designs for private clients, stylists, brands, hotels, bars, restaurants and trade buyers. Contact us for custom collections and bulk orders.



PROMOTE YOUR BRAND through beautiful personalised products and associating it with artisanal care, high quality. Thanks to our attentive styling and the sourcing of the most incredible customised pieces, we can enrich your brand’s reputation with products that can be gifted to your target audience or can be used for promotional purposes. We will organise everything for you: from the creation of a concept that matches your brief, to the selection of the vendors and props that will enhance the project, to the styling and coordination of the delivery.


REVAMP YOUR PROPERTY to satisfy a discerning clientele and stand out in a saturated market. Being it an entirely new project or an existing one, our expert team can evaluate your needs, define a personalised concept and curate a collection of pieces that will enhance the mood of your venue, being it a boutique hotel or a unique bar/restaurant. The aim is to appeal to a sophisticated international audience interested in perfect properties around the world, to rent for luxury family holidays, private parties or important celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries and special birthdays. We help developers, architects, interior designers, hotel owners and homeowners make their venues more marketable, more beautiful and more profitable.


ADVISE ON EVENT STYLING  If you are planning your own event or organising a bash for others, you may rely on our Creative Team to review your project or brainstorm a new one while suggesting an array of pieces that mixed together will add a personality to your event and will leave all the participants with goose bumps. 
We will analyse together the setting, the mood, the colour palette and any details that will enhance your overall result, thus making your celebration memorable.
This service is perfect for DIY brides/hosts of small or large private parties, for planning  agencies that require assistance on the creative design, for brands that are running their own celebration for clients or staff.